Jeremy King–Facilitator’s plan to build on, Personal Strengths, Understanding, to Pray more, Learn/teaching/sharing, To Heal, and to be more forgiving of myself and for myself.

FARMING–SEED Preparations Is the next step to heighten my Spiritual Health. Watching my “Children Grow, Corn” the beginning of another successful planting year.

Corn Gifted to Jeremy King and the Joshwunci’s Farm/Bluebird Garden during the 2018 Walpi Hopi Sinom Seed Run. Hosted by Kevin Navasie, Bluebird/Spider/Bearstrap Clan. April 2018. Thank you very much.

Pasture Canyon, Local of the Joshwunci’s Farm and Garden in the background along the Rock Wall. For Tours and more information on how to participate, Log into Facebook and go to, Pongyahepyah King, click on the Joshwunci Community Garden Page to set an appoint and for more information. Thank you.

Additions-“Changing Views” Project Sponsor, Owner of Smoking Trails, Dorothy Ami. All Rights to Photo owned by Dorothy Ami.

Adrinne Masaquaptewa, Badger Clan from Hotevilla–Participant/Supporter of the Project “Changing Views.”