This page is created to post, share, and add Events/Activities/Meetings related to one or all of the following.

A. Farming/Gardening Tips

B. Seed Bank/Seed Savings Results-Stock-Projects-Volunteer Opportunities.

C. Volunteer Opportunities

D. Adopt a Crop Project: Location–Pasture Canyon

E. Water Conservation/Preservation tactics, tools, suggestions, and or ideas/comments.

F. Opportunities to “Live as a Hopi” for those wishing to visit/extended stay.

G. Donations to fund any one of the above Projects.

H. Opportunities for Academic Institutions, Community Colleges, Projects or Programs

All Pictures taken are property of the “Changing Views” Community Project Sponsored by the Moenkopi Developers Project.

Change CoverJAN19

Public · Hosted by Joshwunci’s Community Garden Project

The Story of a Hopi Seed

Good Afternoon Followers of the Bluebird Garden WEBsite. This afternoon the Chilli and Tomatoe plant grow out (first batch) will be planted for the 2019 Summer Garden. The planting of these seeds is to create an inside area used for pre-summer planting, and to begin processing information/data as to when is the best time to begin seedling plants. If interested in being a part of the Summer Garden project, call Jeremy King @ 928-660-3542. All help is appreciated. The Summer Garden project is to be located and established at the home of Mr. King within the Upper Village of Moenkopi.

Jeremy King’s Business Card.
True…….very true. Retrieved from Google Search. 1/14/2019

Jan 19, 2019–“Story of a Hopi Seed”

The Workshop involved 5 beginning Farmers/Gardeners. Two families of Three and the Facilitator discussed topics such as;

a. How to farm effectively by means of, Planning what is to be used for food, Seed Savings for next years crop, and Crops to be saved for Food during the off planting seasons.

b. Planning your Garden so that plants can provide shade, offer a method of sustaining crops by means of, providing x-tra seeds and food. Over planting and using too many seeds with low return often results in not having any seeds for the next planting season. Therefore, to plant x-tra plants in areas that are shaded can plan for x-tra seeds to be placed in a small seed when dried and saved for the next planting season.

c. Most important what type of seeds/plants will be planted and how to use and devise effective use of water for the summer planting season.

“Healing the Spiritual Past”

My spiritual condition use to be one of disbelief. I lost all faith in what I can, was, or could do for myself and my community.

I began to look at my past, and could see and feel my present state of mind improving, becoming more reliant on wanting to experience life, be more adventurous, and travel whenever possible. Being I am gainfully employed I decided to begin to improve my outlook on life, to be more productive while learning more and more of what I enjoy doing. I knew I had to change my Spiritual Condition.

Constructing a plan and to remain motivated, to integrate all personal interests and likes is what the Workshop will accomplish. I invite you all to begin “Healing the Spiritual Past.” Thank you and have a wonderful and blessed day.

This week Jan. 30th 2019, I will be sharing time with those who perhaps feel the same way. Wanting a change, yet not knowing where or how to begin. Being lost in the moment, in the past, or not knowing what the future is going to be like. We begin working on our Spirituality. I can’t simply be what I want to be unless I feel good about what I am doing.

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