The Hopi Leadership Cohort

The Hopi Foundations Hopi Leadership Cohort has accepted and approved my application to participant in a 15-month Cohort. The Leadership Cohort is designed to Create and enhance personal traits to develop upcoming Leaders. As the owner of the “Changing Views” Initiative to address the Loss of the Hopi Language, I am also the Owner of the Joshwuncis Garden Project. The Project involves bringing back Hopi Heirloom seeds to the Communities of Hopi. By and with the learning of new Leadership traits, I will be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the following areas.

Growing my Business successfully step by step

Create and enhance Revenue making processes to Fund the above listed projects.

Begin to understand and implement how the Hopi Culture and Modern Day Resources can be used as tools to create the necessary foundation and practices for community progress.

Pictures to follow. Jeremy (Pongyahepyah) King, Hopi/Yavapai/Apache/German.

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I am an employee of the Moenkopi Developers Corporation and serve as the Grant Administrator for the Corporation. I facilitate the Joshwunci's Farm and Bluebird Gardens project here in the Hopi Village of Moenkopi. I am a 52 year old whose Hopi name is Pongyahepayah, (Searching for the Snake Altar). Welcome to "Additions-ChangingViews."

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