A new beginning as of April 01st, 2019 includes many events and activities. Please include in your time schedule to visit the Joshwunci’s Farm/Garden Website. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

In the beginning of 2016 the Moenkopi Developers Corporation elects to expand upon the Mission Statement of the Corporation which reads, “Provide economic opportunity and employment on Hopi Tribal Lands while capitalizing on the strengths of the Hopi people.  Self-sufficiency leads to cultural survival.”   The mission of the Moenkopi Developers Corporations “Changing Views” Hopi language enhancement project was born.  This group’s primary purpose is to invest their time and knowledge into placing language and cultural teachings into the hands of those who consider the projects goals and objectives as their priority for all Hopi people and employees of the Corporation. 

Though it made sense to focus initial efforts on ensuring critical information regarding care and use of traditional/cultural information, and cultural resources are in the hands of those to whom it matters on a everyday basis, it remains important to the Hopi people as stewards of the earth, the more apparent, for the need to incorporate renewed and discovered management strategies to the lifestyles of the Hopi people as a plausible practice, Thus we come full circle.

The next steps in our endeavors for project implementation and success are those originally envisioned—developing data base centers/capabilities for the photographs, audio recordings, cultural information, songs associated with specific community projects to be archived for future use.   Being we, the Hopi people are of an Esoteric society, we are responsible for the progressive attributes of an Exoteric society.  We applaud the wishes of our Hopi Elders and elect to incorporate the necessary tools for learning that will not preserve the present status of loosing Hopi Cultural practices, but to place all relevant information into a Reserve (Cultural Archive) for purpose of teaching and learning for generations to follow.

As of today the Project will be seeking to begin the process to become a 501 (c) 3 stand alone non-profit project in hopes to further the Seed Bank/Seed Grow out project.

This means, the project will not end, but will move to a Home Base location, located in the Village of Moenkopi. The change will offer many new opportunities. More time to spend at the Farm location, creating and enhancing the Bluebird Garden project, and most important, to work independent–keeping reliant to the Mission of the Moenkopi Developers Corporation. Pictures to come and will be added to the posts. But for now thank you for all your support as the transition will begin the 3rd week of February. For more information on how to help and be a part of the transition, please contact Jeremy King @ 928-660-3542. Once again thank you to all to have helped and will continue to support the project into the future.